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M/S Jitenkumar Vivekkumar takes the legacy of our grandfather Late Shri Omprakashji Agarwal, who was fondly called Chachaji in the Unjha Mandi.
He came to Unjha to set up the Spice business in 1980 and started trading spices in different parts of India.
Today, Mr. Vivekkumar Agarwal and Mr. Prashant Shah are taking this business to new heights with unprecedented quality and a customer-centric approach.
Jitenkumar Vivekkumar has launched many brands to cater to almost all the customer segments in India and the World.
Our Brands are following

1. Janta Spices 2. Sona Rupa Spices 3. Crorepati Spices 4. Charminar Spices

To cater world’s spices demand from the Indian market, they have together launched Suman Exports and

M/S Jitenkumar Vivekkumar has manufacturing expertise in all kinds of Indian Spices like -
1. Cumin Seed 2. Coriander Seed 3. Fennel Seed 4. Sesame Seed 5. Fenugreek Seed 6. Flax Seed 7. Mustard Seed (Small/Big) 8. Psyllium Husk 9. Cinnamon 10. Green Cardamom 11. Black Cardamom 12. Black Pepper

Please feel free to reach out to us if you would like to engage in ever-growing Spices Business

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