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Pioneer Market in Spices Since Centuries

Unjha Market Yard is a well-known and biggest commercial centre throughout India for its trade of Jeera (Cumin), Variali (Fennel Seeds), Isabgul and Raido (Mustard Seeds). Jeera, Variali, and Isabgol crops are only grown in Gujarat, Rajasthan, and few areas in iron. Because the harvest of Jeera in North Gujarat is of outstanding quality, it is in high demand throughout India and beyond.

Unjha Market: About

Financial Capital of Spice Market

Unjha is known as Asia's largest spice and cumin seed market as well as one of India's largest controlled markets.
The value of trade moving through Unjha in the financial year 2012–13 was $353 million dollars.
Countries such as the United States, Germany, Central America, New Zealand, Portugal, and Poland are major importers of Unjhan items.
Mundra Port is the closest seaport. Unjhan spice exporters benefit from their closeness to a port since it allows them to export high-quality spices at competitive prices.

Unjha Market: Image

Why Unjha is Important !

Unjha is a natural assembling and exporting centre for agricultural commodities in North Gujarat, with 800 large commercial firms shipping Jeera, Variali, Oil Seeds, Pulses, and Isabgul to almost 1500 locations in India and abroad each year.

Unjha Market: Image
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